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V.I.T.A pH formula

We stock the full range of V.I.T.A pH formula products.


The V.I.T.A. A 24 hour cream contains pure retinol and should be used as an advanced treatment product for ageing skin. Retinol help stimulate cell regeneration to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots from both photo- and intrinsic ageing.

V.I.T.A B3

Vitamin B3 is essential to prevent and reverse visible signs of redness, pigment changes and skin ageing. pHformula has developed a highly concentrated vitamin B3 cream with 24 hour moisturizing properties to offer immediate and intense hydration.


The light textured Vitamin C cream contains Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate at prescription strength, which result in superior anti-ageing benefits, ideal for daily and year-long application.

V.I.T.A C Serum

A concentrated serum for the healthy maintenance of the skin, deriving its strength from different forms of vitamin C. Its unique cell to cell communication action enhances skin brightening to a superior level.

You will need a consultation before we can sell you any of their award winning products.

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