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Silhouette Face Lift (AKA “The Puppet Facelift”)

What Is A Suspension Silhouette Lift For A Youthful, healing Fresh Appearance?

The Suspension Silhouette Lift (recently dubbed “The Puppet Facelift”), is a revolutionary new procedure that gives you the chance to restore your youthful, fresh appearance, without a general anaesthetic, without an overnight hospital stay and without a long recovery time. This minimally invasive technique is used to lift and reposition sagging mid-face tissue. Silhouette Sutures offer significantly greater lift due to their unique absorbable cones which give strong traction when lifting the soft tissue.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The Suspension Silhouette Lift is performed over one or two treatments with local anaesthetic in less than fourty-five minutes and you can return home straight afterwards. The immediate recovery enables you to go back to normal activities within two-three days, with full recovery after two weeks.

The Results?

The Suspension Silhouette Lift restores volume and firmness in the face, so you look visibly fresher and younger. The results last for several years, depending upon lifestyle.

The Procedure Is Ideal For The Following:

  • Those who want to eliminate sagging skin without a full facelift
  • Young people who want to correct relaxation in their face
  • Anyone who wants to achieve the return of a defined jaw line
  • Patients who have had a facelift in the past and who now want to refresh the results with a small “pull”
  • Those who would like to regain the volume in their cheekbones without implants – Anyone who has noticeable wrinkles around the mouth
  • Anyone who would like to have a natural rejuvenation without altering their expression – Patients who wish to improve their face but do not want a long recovery
  • Patients who wish to see immediate results

See the procedure being carried out live on ITV’s This Morning below…


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