Matrix Fractional Dot Technology Scar & Wrinkle Reduction

Do you want to decrease wrinkles, malady soften skin texture and pores, improve skin tone, or reduce acne scarring?

Are you wanting your skin to look smoother, brighter, more even in texture, healthier and more youthful?


The Science: Fractional Lasers for Wrinkle Reduction and Acne Scar Treatment

The goal of laser resurfacing is to smooth textural imperfections of the skin: wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring from acne or other causes, and prominent pores. Facial areas and non-facial areas (such as your neck, chest, arms, and hands) can be treated. The Matrix CO2 Laser can be used gently in a no downtime way or more aggressively–depending on your skin needs.

Lasers are a medical device which have changed and dramatically advanced the way we treat skin issues.

What is a Fractional Laser?

Ten years ago, CO2 laser resurfacing involved 2-4 weeks of wound healing, swelling, skin redness, and downtime.

skin rsurfacing fractional pixel

Fractional resurfacing lasers, a newer technology perfected over the past five years, uses pattern-generated scanners to affect only a small percentage of your skin during the treatment, uniformly spread out over the entire area.

This allows for much quicker healing times, typically one to five days. The laser creates a pattern of micro dots on the skin. As the skin heals, sun damaged cells are removed, and new collagen grows to smooth out wrinkles and scarring, shrink pores, and lighten brown spots.

Instead of the skin seeing all of the laser beam as with older CO2 lasers, with fractional lasers, the laser light is somewhat “pushed” through a spaghetti strainer- or scanner -forming hundreds of dots or pixels. The diameter, depth, and number of dots can all be controlled and adjusted–to create a treatment designed for each patient’s particular skin issues.

Our newest fractional laser uses radio-frequency energy rather than CO2 energy to lay down pixels, or dots, which heal to make skin tighter and smoother. The Pixel RF can be safely used on darker skin types and tanned skin. Treatments can be either completed no downtime, or have a week of downtime–depending on you skin issue and your schedule.

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