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Laser Leg Vein & Vascular Lesion Elimination

Vascular legion laser treatment clears the skin of most to all redness caused by skin conditions and irritants. Vascular lesions have exceptional variety,from angiomas, rosacea, and port wine stains to facial veins and broken capillaries. Their causes, as well as treatments, can vary just as greatly. This laser treatment can achieve complete clearance of visible vascular lesions.

Pigmented lesions laser treatment helps eradicate the skin damage the sun and the aging process has created. Excess sun exposure contributes to a number of cosmetic problems, but none more than pigmented lesions, such as dark spots and sun spots. From these solar lentigenes to general dyschromia, the most common sign of damaged or aged skin is poor skin tone. This laser treatment eliminates the sun damage and creates a distinct aesthetic improvement to the skin tone. Lesions usually turn grey immediately and will flake off after a few days.

Leg vein laser treatment is probably the most effective non-surgical option for removing varicose veins or spider veins found on the legs or anywhere else on the body. Like many cosmetic concerns, leg veins are caused by a number of issues – from aging and prolonged standing to hormonal changes or a simple genetic predisposition. Fortunately, (outside of serious medical problems that would need to be treated surgically) many smaller leg veins (less than 4mm) can be successfully and permanently removed using this quick laser treatment.

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