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Toxin Treatments

At Refresh Southwest we understand that looking good and the feel good factor are synonymous. Since the dawn of time mankind has strived to ward off the aging process. Science has yet to halt the actual aging process but has identified and purified naturally occurring neurotoxins (proteins) that are neuromuscular paralytic agents. These agents are used to block the facial nerves responsible for the muscle activity (spasms) that with constant use, associated with age, leads to the visual formation of the facial lines we commonly call; wrinkles, worry/frown lines, crow’s feet and (ironically) laughter lines. Further as we age the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin slows, which enhances the appearance of these tell-tale facial lines.

Toxin Treatment in Plymouth

At Refresh Southwest we offer an affordable, quick, long-lasting treatment that smooth’s out existing facial lines, helps to prevent the development of further lines and encourages the body’s own production of collagen and elastin. This treatment was once the preserve of the rich and famous.
The treatment takes only minutes and can last up to nine months before a further top-up treatment is required. There is minimal or no facial swelling or bruising. The treatment involves Refresh’s highly qualified Advanced Practitioner injecting(using micro needles) a precisely calibrated amount of the toxin into the facial muscles, which causes the muscles to relax and the tell-tale facial lines to smooth out and disappear, leaving you looking younger and fresher. Results are often instantaneous. Ideal before interviews, weddings or that ‘special occasion’.

Is it safe?

One of the toxins we use is a naturally occurring neurotoxin that was first identified in 1897 by Emile van Ermengem. In 1928 P. Tessmer-Snipe and Hermann Sommer purified the toxin and by 1949 the medical benefits of the neuromuscular paralytic agent that inhibits the release of acetylchlorine were realised following which the therapeutic (medical treatments for neurological and ophthalmology conditions including; underarm sweating and cross-eyes) and cosmetic uses of these toxins were scientifically and systematically developed ensuring compliance with medical standards and ultimately its safe usage.

How much does it cost?

Anti-wrinke injections cost as follows:

1 area: £200

2 areas: £275

3 areas: £325

Your aesthetic practitioner will be able to advise you as to how many areas you need injected at your complimentary consultation appointment.

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Next steps:

At Refresh, a C.Q.C registered Clinic, we offer a free initial consultation with one of our highly qualified staff, which includes the Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner Sharon Stanley. Sharon trains many of the Harley Street specialists to perform the injections.

Following you assessment, if you are suitable for the treatment, the treatment can be carried out immediately or at your convenience.

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